The Sahara Desert Is To Be Experienced And Not Talked About

The Sahara Desert Is To Be Experienced And Not Talked About

I have loved our Sahara desert journey immensely. The journey took us through the proudly standing sand dunes of Erg Chigaga, Morocco. An array of small to massive sand mountains reaching as far as our eye can see.

The solitude of the trek was very enjoyable and calming. It was a terrific mediation to think of nothing and change into the center of the Universe. I followed the footsteps of my guide and his blue veil and blue djellaba leading our camels. He was a local Nomad boy that grew up in this forsaken region and seemed like he knew every sand dune, every curve of the desert.

Our camels have been strong, lovely and smelly. I all of the sudden had an important appreciation for these animals. They walk so gently; in slow tempo rocking from one side to other. Without any complain they carry loads of heavy gear, provides and our food. As gratitude, I had fed them peels of my orange and carrots out of my cous cous.

I enjoyed the evenings so much, when the sun started setting down and temperature cool of. The desert at that time turned like one flame of red color. All was red earlier than the black pitch night time with million of stars, strong and bright covered the night sky. I've by no means seen so many shooting begins, now I hope that each one my wishes will come true!

At night our guide made campfire and prepared scrumptious diner for us. We've got even baked our personal bread in the sand. We passed the time before heading to sleep by listening to his singing and drumming, by speaking about life, his, ours. The tales told shall be remembered. One night a small group of local Nomads joined us. These persons are the one individuals you may encounter on your journey though the Sahara desert. Their herds of animals and children look at your with interest. Their nomadic life might seem romantic they usually significantly appreciate the help one another.

I really like adventure and have explored our Earth a bit. I've ski in the Alps, climbed the Kilimanjaro mountain, dived within the Nice Barrier reef, adopted the road to Machu Pichu and I am proud marrakech to fes desert trip say that trekking of the Sahara Desert was so completely different to all these and so unique. It someway helps you mirror to your interior I.