Monster Truck Games Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Monster Truck Games Secrets That No One Else Knows About

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Five years, twelve million subscribers, a billion plus dollars, trillions in wow gold, more than even thousand quests. Yes, we all know World of Warcraft is a behemoth, an absolute juggernaut in the MMO marketplace.

In fact, so much has been made of World of Warcraft's success that you'd be forgiven for thinking that there aren't really any other MMO's with healthy communities that are finding success in their own right. Wow might be king of the castle, but there are a fair number of MMO's who are doing just fine.

Free Realms:

For John Smedley and Sony Online Entertainment, it's very much a case of "what could have been". How would history have been different if World of Warcraft had launched a year earlier, allowing EverQuest II and Star Wars Galaxies to gain a stronger foothold on the market? SOE were rulers of all they surveyed, but they took their foot off the pedal for an instant, and Blizzard zoomed on by. Would eq2plat be all the rage instead of wow gold? Would we still have had Leroy Jenkins? Would Blizzcon be as big? It's unlikely to say the least.

The incredible success of World of Warcraft took the world, and SOE, by surprise. Caught unready, and stuck with a design philosophy that was somewhat outmoded and outdated by wow's more casual friendly approach, Smedley and his team had to react.

Looking at the emerging appetite and burgeoning success of free to play games developed in the East, SOE set about developing a game that was the polar opposite of every MMO they'd created before.

Rather than a monthly subscription fee in an already saturated market, they opted for a real money trading system, whereby folks were able to exchange small amounts of real world cash (called Micro-Transactions) for in-game gold, allowing more people to try the game, and thus opening it up to a broader market.

Further to that, the game world and aesthetic was designed to be family friendly, and measures were put in place to encourage families to play together online.

Right now SOE claims that Free Realms has surpassed the 10 million user mark, a remarkable feat considering the game is just over a year old.


Sometimes, it's difficult to tell just how big something is when you're so used to it, especially when it's something you see very day. I am of course, talking about the juggernaut that is FarmVille.

By and large, so called hardcore gamers are the first to scoff at games like FarmVille, dismissing them as small time non-games. It used to be the same as Peggle, but now just about every major core gaming console has its own version of Peggle.

They may not be questing and raiding and earning wow gold as we know it, but real money trading goes on in FarmVille as players purchase items using real money, and while it might not be the high fantasy or sci fi most core gamers are used to, the tasks set are still quests of a sort.

But just how big and successful is FarmVille? Consider the fact that browser developer Mozilla issued an emergency weekend patch recently for all Firefox users, just to ensure FarmVille compatibility. Consider that FarmVille currently has over eighty million active monthly users, many of them playing the game on Facebook. And finally, consider that Google, long rumored to be eying an entry point into the lucrative videogame market, is thought to have recently invested between one hundred, and two hundred million dollars in FarmVille developer, Zynga. Food for thought?

Dungeons and Dragons Online:

For children of a certain era (70's and 80's in particular), Dungeons and Dragons was the de facto Swords and Sorcery Role Playing Game. It's a testament to the design and longevity of D&D that a large number of western role playing games are still built around, or derived from the rule set first designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Ameson in 1974.

Such was the game's popularity and brand awareness, that you'd be forgiven for thinking publisher, Atari must have popped a few bottles of champagne upon acquiring the license to make an MMO based on the table top game, how wrong they were.

In fairness to developer Turbine, Dungeons and Dragons Online came out at a time when World of Warcraft was pretty much the only real game in town, and most other MMO's were merely seen as pretenders. There was some hype, but mostly hope, that DDO would come along and be a real contender, unfortunately, that never happened. Some folks gave it a shot, but by and large, DDO never really found its niche... until four years after its launch.

The developers sat down and redesigned their subscription system, recognising that their dwindling subscriber numbers weren't healthy, and that in its present form, DDO would be swallowed up by the impending surge of quality MMO's. Their plan? Turn Dungeons and Dragons Online into a free to play game. Ditch subscription fees altogether, and let real money trading and micro transactions rule.

In the end, gamers voted with their wallets, and their time, as DDO rocketed to the number three spot on the NPD Group's list of most popular MMO's.

In the end, it just goes to show that despite Wow's incredible dominance in the marketplace, there are options, and these options are fed by passionate and loyal communities of fans.